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Avi Granite's Verse - Snow Umbrellas for Pet Mantis Records (PMR008).
The debut release of Verse features a new body of work composed for
this New York quartet. (PMR008)

Featuring: Ralph Alessi (tpt), Avi Granite (g), Jerry DeVore (b), Owen Howard (d).
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Avi Granite:6 - Red Tree

The “Avi Granite:6” is a neo-jazz group out of Toronto. Red Tree features:
Chris Roberts (as), Jon Kay (ts), Tom Richards (tb), Avi Granite (g), Neal Davis (b)
and Nick Fraser (d). (PMR003)

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Avi Granite:5

Avi Granite’s modern jazz concept includes Tom Richards(tb), Neal Davis(b),
Kevin Brow(d), Fraser Calhoun(as) with a guest appearance by Jon Kay(ts).
Three studio tracks and two tracks live at The Rex in Toronto.

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Improvised Organic Breaks - "Three Cuts in London"

Electronica influenced live trio, Nautilus improvised this album in one long studio
session that featured Avi Granite(g), Scott Peterson(b) and Kevin Howley(d) at
the peak of their collective effort. (PMR001)

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